hello and welcome! My name is Kassie & I am the owner of Wavy Boutique.
Wavy Boutique opened our (online) doors September 2020 while I was working as a nurse in a pediatric ER. I was feeling the burnout & decided to take a leap of faith.
Why Wavy? In high school, I took a fashion course and participated in the fashion show where we had to design our own pieces of clothing and create our "brand." Mine was named Wavy! At the time, this seemed like an impossible dream but here we are 10 years later :)
Wavy Boutique is all about creating a community of confident and inspiring women that support each other & our community. I truly love every bit of this adventure.
As a nurse, mom, military spouse, and now business owner, I am so excited to have you as a part of my newest journey! 
Thank you for being here with me! 
xoxo Kassie